Our expertise

In Restructuring.

We offer tailor-made support that takes into account the specific characteristics of each company using the most innovative techniques.
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Our supports

Our experts support you in the restructuring of your business.

Strategy & Advice

Analysis of business difficulties : advice on restructuring levers and optimization of the choice of preventive or collective procedures.

Initiation of amicable proceedings (ad hoc mandate and conciliation) and Judiciaries (safeguard, receivership, judicial liquidation).

Support and advice for the purchase of assets “at the bar of the courts.”

Operations & Negotiations

Renegotiation of debts with credit agencies and suppliers.

Preparation and negotiation of restructuring plans (ad hoc mandate, conciliation protocols, safeguard, reorganization or transfer plans).

Relationship Management with the main partners and creditors of the company in difficulty.

Assignment branches of activity.

Litigation & Defense

Defense of managers and shareholders.

Litigation relating to collective proceedings.

The firm's dedicated team

The lawyers from the Restructuring team at Piotraut Giné Avocats are at your disposal.

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Amandine Rominskyj


Antoine Poulain


Law at the service of Business,
and not the other way around.

The multidisciplinary nature of the firm makes it possible to offer global support to our clients. We integrate all the challenges and expectations of the various stakeholders in a case while maintaining the focus on the objective of our clients.
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