Our expertise

In Employment Law.

We assist companies in the management of their social relationships, both in advice and in litigation.
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Our supports

Our experts support and advise you on a daily basis in employment law and labor law.

HR Management

Drafting contractual documentation : employment contract, collective agreement, working time, internal regulations, charter, delegation of authority, etc.

Assistance during disciplinary procedures and during the breach of contract.

Intervention on topics specific : Working time, variable remuneration system, etc.

Advice and support foreign companies wanting Establishing a home in France.

Collective relationships

Organization and implementation of professional elections.

Relationship Management and the staff representatives and the social partners.

Assistance to the collective bargaining in the Exercise of trade union rights.

Setting up profit-sharing agreements and of participation.

Realization of social audits of compliance, social compliance and CSR.

Business transformation

Realization of social audits of reorganization, acquisition or in case of transfer of activity.

Management of individual relationships and collectives in connection with these changes.

Development of new forms of work : teleworking, part-time, wage portage.

Management of subcontracting and the use of independent service providers.

Staff training.

Individual and collective litigation

Litigation follow-up owing all labour law jurisdictions : labour court, judicial court, administrative court.

Assistance and defense As a result of a URSSAF control.

Defense of executives and managers in criminal labor law

Implementation and support of businesses in the framework for internal investigations.

Transport and logistics

Advice and assistance to market operators.

Monitoring of compliance
with road freight transport regulations.

Transport labor law, use of subcontractors.

Management of relations
with DREALs and the administration.

The sectors we support

Our multidisciplinary approach ensures us a presence in various sectors of activity, alongside exceptional partners.

Banking and insurance

Businesses of banking sector, financial institutions and of credit, insurance companies, middlemen and wealth management advice, real estate.

Transport and logistics

Operators, middlemen and freight forwarders, logisticians for the mass distribution and the e-commerce, companies of distribution and in frankness.

Service and trade

Businesses of private security, companies involved in the outsourced management of customer service, communication agencies and of Media, franchise networks and of distribution.

Hotels and restaurants

Groups and companies ofhotel industry and of restoring, networks of Fast food and of specialized food store.

The firm's dedicated team

The lawyers from the employment law team at Piotraut Giné Avocats are at your disposal.

Sébastien Grymonprez

Associate Lawyer

Pierre Audiguier


Law at the service of Business,
and not the other way around.

The multidisciplinary nature of the firm makes it possible to offer global support to our clients. We integrate all the challenges and expectations of the various stakeholders in a case while maintaining the focus on the objective of our clients.
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